Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Competition starting Febuary 8th 2010

New Competition on the site
I am looking for one more person to join our design team. this competition will go for 5 weeks. i will put a challenge up each week for 5 weeks. the winner will join the design team and be sent out a prize. goodluck to all who enter

when does this start?

i will give everyone to january 31st 2010 to sign up as i know how hectic it gets around xmas.
so this will start in the new year.

i will start this competition febuary 22nd 2010

kind regards Melody


Jocelyn said...

How exciting is this!!!! I will post about it on my Blog also!!!! Good Luck to all!!!!! :-)

melodydamom said...

thanks jocelyn :) im glad you are looking forward to it ;)

goodluck :)

Michelle said...

This sounds like a lot of fun!! I will post on my blog when we get closer too!

Anonymous said...

Why did you let DT members go, if you are looking for more? Just wondering...

aussiescrapper said...

I would be interested in signing up for the challenge, sounds like heaps of fun too.